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Dicey Decisions

I walked into the dietician’s office and slumped down in a chair. I had brought a notebook and pen, but I couldn’t bring myself to pull it out of my bag. “What can I do for you today?” she asked me.

I sighed, took a deep breath and searched for words. ‘What could she do for me?’ I didn’t even know where to start. I took another deep breath and then simply said, “I just need you to tell me what to eat.”

She looked at me with kind eyes, but she did not spring into action to give me a menu. She didn’t even ask me if there were any foods that I didn’t like or that I was allergic to. I was puzzled, but what started out as me trying to find an easy solution to dieting, turned into a conversation about the need for me to take control of my life, and ended with her telling me that it sounded like I was suffering from decision fatigue.

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Desperate Dieting Doesn’t Work

This is not an endorsement for any one diet program, instead it is about my journey to lose ten pounds that became thirty pounds and could easily have become fifty or more. After I had my children, I never could get back to my goal weight, I was always about ten pounds away, and that went on for a decade until my life style changed and I wasn’t exercising as much and within a year I went from ten pounds to lose to over thirty. I would make some progress, but something always got in the way. I’m sure this sounds familiar to some of you. I’m not proud to admit it, but I fell for the sales pitch for supplements and quick fixes, I counted calories, and desperately tried to outrun a bad diet. Nothing worked.

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