So, the elves have returned to Santa in the North Pole, the decorations are still up, but at this point they are taunting me because it is time to return to real life and get out of holiday mode, and I’m afraid to stand on the scale because my workout and healthy eating regime has been on vacation for a bit too long. Sound familiar? It’s the post-holiday blahs. It doesn’t help that it is also freezing out because winter decided to arrive after all.

The New Year’s Resolution is a way that many people combat post-holiday blahs. It’s a way to look at things with a fresh perspective, set goals, get inspired, or maybe it’s just a way to set yourself up for failure. I’m not a fan of the New Year’s Resolution because by February I feel like I need a do over. Like many of you, though, it does seem like a good time to set a goal, it’s the sticking to it that I need to work on. Take the gym for instance: In January memberships are up, classes are full, the locker room is overflowing, and the determination in the weight room is palpable, by March, not so much. So, how are your resolutions going to be different? For me it helps to call them goals and not resolutions. I’m not sure why the pressure of a resolution seems greater to me, but it does. Goals are something that I think people should always have. Big goals, small goals, even a daily goal can be helpful.

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