I made a new year’s resolution once that I would start going to the gym, so I visited a few gyms and decided that I would buy a treadmill instead. After the treadmill became a gathering place for piles of papers, boxes, and books, I decided that maybe I would give the gym another try, and so there became the issue of the gym bag. How big should the bag be? What needs to be in there? What’s up with these women (whom I envy, by the way), that come to the gym with a rolling suitcase? What do they keep in there? For two years I used the elusive gym bag as my excuse for not going to the gym. It was too heavy, or I didn’t know how the lockers would work, it was too expensive to buy duplicate beauty products. All excuses and all ridiculous, but obviously fitness was just a passing fancy for me. I didn’t really want to go to the gym because it isn’t just an hour of working out, it’s time to get there, and time to change, and time to shower afterwards, and figuring out how to fit everything I needed in a gym bag, so that I could seamlessly return to real life seemed impossible. I quickly got overwhelmed and decided that the gym wasn’t for me…and then I turned 40.

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